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Know the Skin You’re IN!

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problem areas

problem areas

There are loads of myths as to what the cause of acne is… I’m sure you’ve heard them all. For example:

Have you heard that chocolate and greasy foods can cause acne? The truth is there is little or no evidence that foods have any effect at all on acne (at least in the majority of people).

I bet you’ve been told to “de-stress” to get a clear complexion. In fact, stress does not cause acne, but it can definitely make it worse. As a matter of fact, no one knows exactly what causes acne. Hormone changes, such as those that occur during teenage years and pregnancy probably play a role.

Last but not least, maybe you’ve been told that sun exposure, or “tanning” will clear up acne… in a nutshell, it won’t! What it will offer you is premature aging and an increased risk of skin cancer.

So if most of what you heard is not true, what is? Here is what we know for sure: three factors contribute to the formation and recurrence of acne:

1.     Overproduction of oil (sebum)

2.     Irregular shedding of dead skin cells resulting in irritation of the hair follicles on your skin.

3.     Buildup of bacteria.

What that means to the average person dealing with acne is that it is critical to keep your skin clean, which addresses the production of oil on the skin, and also the buildup of bacteria. Even more important, however, is routine exfoliation in order to avoid skin build-up and irregularities.

Now you’ve got the skinny on your skin!