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Don’t Mask Your Acne

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Unfortunately, most of us will suffer from skin problems at some point in our lives. One of the most common (and annoying) is acne. The good news is, acne can be treated. Some of the possible solutions include:


·     Use of over the counter medications

·     Prescription medications

·     Discontinuation of current product

·      Implement self-skincare regime


Let’s start with Over-the-counter acne medications, commonly referred to as OTC’s. OTC acne medicines dry up the oil on your skin and/or promote exfoliation (or skin peeling). They are typically applied directly to the affected areas as directed. When you are looking for an effective OTC acne medication, look for:

1.     Salicylic acid

2.     Resorcinol

3.     Benzoyl peroxide

4.     Sulfur

What about prescription medication? It is advisable to treat your acne in all other ways possible before approaching your doctor for a prescription. Having made that disclaimer, there are effective prescription medicines for acne if your problem is chronic and extreme.

That brings us to your current acne product. If you are using an acne product and are still experiencing breakouts, you may be allergic or unresponsive to the product! It’s a good idea to give any new product at least 6 weeks to work, but if your acne condition worsens, or an acceptable response is not achieved, it’s time to toss whatever you’ve been using, and try something new.

Last but not least, the all-important personal skin-care regime.

·     You’ve heard it a million times, but I’ll say it again; clean your skin regularly (once or twice a day).

·     Be gentle when cleaning the skin and use a mild, nondrying product.

·     Avoid scrubbing, but don’t forget that you need to exfoliate! That’s why salicylic acid is such a great OTC acne medication. It is non-abrasive in texture, but still has the benefit of exfoliation.

·     Use a clean, dry cloth to dry the face after washing.

·     This prevents bacterial re-infection.

·     Shampoo hair daily, especially for oily hair.

·     Avoid touching the face.

·     Always wash your hands before and after caring for skin lesions. This will reduce the chance of infection.

·     Drink more water and don’t forget: Good sleep is also criticalfor glowing skin.

·     De-stress through exercise or yoga. This is a great physical practice, but additionally it calms the mind and encourages lowered stress levels.

·     Identify and avoid anything that aggravates acne in YOU (aggravators tend to vary from person to person)!