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There is Nothing Generic about Quality Medication

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The rising cost of healthcare is truly the elephant in any room. People are not treating their illnesses, and not filling prescriptions because of the overwhelming cost to the consumer. For instance, according to a survey from the American Consumer Reports, results now show that 45 percent of any person under the age of 65, who does not have insurance, has not filled a prescription drug in the last year due to the cost of the drug. Furthermore, 84 percent of all people polled claimed they had taken some serious action, such as forgoing groceries, to pay for their prescription medications.

Generic drugs, however, save healthcare providers billions of dollars a year. This does not even account for the financial and medical benefits to the consumer. Clearly, generic drugs are the wave of the future. According to The US Food and Drug Administration: (FDA) considers a generic drug to be “identical, or bio equivalent, to a brand name drug in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics and intended use.”

SOHM was on the leading edge of realizing, not only the need, but also the benefit of generic drugs. What SOHM recognized very early on, was that people both in developed, and impoverished countries around the world, cannot currently afford the price of their prescription drugs. Simply taking the brand name off of the same basic medical components would make medications for all kinds of ailments affordable to all kinds of people, worldwide.

We at SOHM understand that the term generic, simply offers up the opportunity to offer the same, or perhaps a better product, at a more affordable price. SOHM has therefore made it their mission to offer many of these affordable, generic options to the consumer for a price that is fair. We’ll leave off the brand name, if it will help you manage your health.

Generic drugs will never minimize the level of your desired treatment, since they are required to undergo clinical trials in order to prove their efficacy, as well as their safety. Also, because generic drugs are required to provide a “bio-equivalent effect, they are as safe, and supported by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), as well as other health Administrative equivalents around the world, as are prescriptions of the same class.

SOHM considers it a privilege to produce an excellent product, at a lower price. Their laboratories in India allow production at the most competitive price, in one of the world’s leading hubs for generics manufacturing. This has set SOHM in a unique position for globalization of their products.

Since SOHM’s focus is always on response to their customers needs, our portfolio is constantly growing and expanding. SOHM is not only present in America, but we also maintain a leading position in the generic pharmaceutical markets of Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and any other area where we see that our consumer’s needs may be met.

The SOHM family is committed to giving its consumer a competitive product, at an affordable price. Proudly generic, Proudly pocket friendly, but most importantly, we are proud to be the equivalent of any of our counterpart prescription drugs.