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8 Skin Tips You Should Know

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1. Stay away from things that damage your skin: Moderation is key.

I hate to state the obvious here, because lets face it, we all have a vice or two. However, lets not have our skin pay the price. Here are a few staple suggestions to get the best life out of the only skin you will get. If you plan to lay out in the sun, make sure to use a strong SPF and avoid the hours when the sun is the strongest, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Avoid artificial tanning salons, period. They can leave you orange, weathered, and looking older than last year’s purse. And if you are a smoker, consider quitting or at least cutting back. Nothing will damage your skin more, especially for women, than prolonged cigarette smoking. E cigarette anyone?


2. Simple. Keep your face clean by washing it twice daily. Easy.

I like to complain about the outbreaks on my face. There is nothing worse than waking up to a whopper pimple to get your day off in a twist. Yet, if I am honest, I don’t have the best skin-care regime. An occasional wet wipe or a lonely cotton ball under water won’t cut it. It is important to wash your face (and neck) twice a day. Your aim is to wash away those unwanted, uninvited skin damaging pollutants that come in as visitors but decide to stay indefinitely. I recommend an gentle acne wash containing salicylic acid followed by a good moisturizer. If you want to get fancy try rinsing your face with rose water or rose water glycerine for that extra special clean and rosy feeling.


3. Your hands will do you dirty.

Keep your dirty mitts off your delicate mug. Take a moment to think of all the places that your hands touch on a given day. Do you really want that type of bacteria and filth stroking your cheeks and rubbing your eyes? The answer is no. Clean hands will not only improve your dating life, but the life of your skin as well.


4. Avoid excessive alcohol. 

The majority of people I know “love the grape” and an occasional cocktail or two. However, a little goes a long way for our skin.  Consuming an excess of any type of alcohol enlarges your blood vessels near the surface of your skin. So try and drink responsibly and make water your friend. I promise your skin will thank you in the morning.


5. Try and eliminate excess oil.

Case of the shines? I know I do. Two hours after washing my face it shines like the top of the Chrysler building. Solution? Discreetly get rid of your skin’s excess oil by patting it with loose powder, or oil absorbing sheets. Try and avoid the old “Hollywood” compact trick, unless its an oil free pressed powder.


6. Don’t rub your eyes.

Are you one of those women who have thin or “crepe” like skin under your eyes? Or wake up and decide which “bags” to carry to work until your 5th cup of coffee? Well, you are not alone. The skin under our eyes is extremely delicate. Be gentle to your under eyes when applying makeup. Try applying a cold compress or a cucumber slice under your eye if you feel an itch or if  you have a case of the puffs, but please refrain from the rub.


7. Find ONE brand of skin-care products-not fifty.

Experts agree that you will achieve better results if you use ONE brand of skin-care rather than multiple. So, in this case, less really is more. The reason being is that some skin-care products are not compatible with others, causing some ingredients to cancel the positive effects of the other one. Also, it stands to reason that one brand is specifically formulated to work together.


8. Grapeseed oil anyone?

On a budget?  Then run out your nearest grocery and grab a bottle of grapeseed oil. Add about a teaspoon of this little wonder to your favorite toner. Don’t have a toner? Try some Witch Hazel. Don’t have Witch Hazel? Go buy some toner. The genius behind the grapeseed oil is that it helps your skin cells to self repair and rejuvenate itself much like an anti-aging serum. Cool!