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The Cost of Beauty.

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Can you put a price on beauty? Well, female consumers can and they did. In a recent poll, it’s estimated as a $382 billion dollar global beauty business, or empire I should say. ( 85% of those digits consist of female consumers). Brand Finance, a brand evaluation firm located in the U.S. recently released its annual ranking of the 50 biggest and best global beauty brands. Lets just say the numbers are staggering. To give you an idea, the top 10 alone are valued at almost $60 billion dollars. Did someone say 60 BILLION?

S0, what makes this empire continue to rise? It’s quite simple actually. Speaking from a woman’s perspective, we want to feel good about ourselves. We live in a society in which our appearance defines us somehow. In middle America, beauty is measured by what’s in the “inside”. Although kind, it is simply not the case here in Hollywood, a.k.a “Land of the Beautiful”. If you’re not a movie star, then the expectation is to at least look like one.

But, it’s more than just looks for women. A woman’s perception of their looks often translates into how a woman feels. Generally speaking, when women (and men) feel attractive, they feel more happy. When people are happy they feel more confident. With confidence comes inner power, presence, and a gateway to view a person’s unique personality.

So, regardless of how you weigh in on the cost of  your beauty. One thing is for sure, Confucius said it best when he said:

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.