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Identify Your Skin Type and Wash Accordingly.

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Nothing seems more mindless than washing your face, right? Okay, maybe brushing your teeth is more mindless. But certainly, washing your face isn’t difficult or there isn’t a science behind it, right?

Well, the answer is more complex than we think it is. We certainly aren’t reinventing the wheel with face washing here, but it is important to know that washing your face too frequently or not enough can do your skin more harm than good.

So, lets not the run the unnecessary of risk of over-drying our skin, irritating our skin, or welcome more uninvited acne breakouts than we can certainly learn to avoid.

First, lets determine the type of skin that you have. The best person to decide this of course, is you.

Would you describe your skin as:

  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Acne/Troubled Skin

1. Normal Skin= lucky skin

While you fast asleep and in dreamland, you build up dirt and oil on your skin, especially your face. So, it’s best for you “Normies” out there to wash your face twice a day. Start in the morning with a good cleanser and some cool water. Apply your favorite moisturizer and, presto! Do the same thing in the evening, but with warm water. Again, apply a moisturizer or night serum. If you are woman who wears heavy makeup, you may want to incorporate a facial scrub into your night routine, after you wash.

2. Oily Skin=shiny skin

Do you have a “case of the shines” like I do?

There is nothing worse than when my skin looks like I just stepped out of a hot burger joint, with a layer of grease on my face. So, I have to go a step beyond the “normal” skin type and wash my face 3 times a day with a cleanser designed for oily skin. As dirt and oil build up and clog your pores, it will inevitably leave your skin feeling and looking greasy. So, after washing in the morning and afternoon, use an oil free moisturizer. In the evening after washing try using a toner. Toners are a great way to absorb excess oils in your skin.

3. Dry Skin=thirsty skin

This skin type has its own set of aggravations. Do you experience over-drying, cracking, or peeling skin in certain areas of your face? Try and notice a pattern of when and where these little patches come to visit, and how long they stay. Sometimes, for women it is strictly hormonal. Upon awaking, wash your face with COLD water. Don’t use a cleanser just yet. Apply a moisturizer specifically designed for dry skin. Apply a dime sized amount in your palm, rub your hands together and “pat” the moisturizer over your entire face and neck. For night time washing use a mild cleanser and try exfoliating your skin with a face scrub. Exfoliating your skin will remove dead skin cells, which is a huge bonus if you have dry skin. Then, replenish your face with a moisturizer.

4. Combination Skin=tricky

For those of you that have combination skin, especially in different areas, have to be creative in their washing techniques. Begin to observe your skin throughout the day and notice whether or not is oily, or dry more consistently, or only in certain areas of your face. You will have to experiment with the above tips to become the alchemist of your skin’s needs. Try adding toner throughout the day on the areas of your skin that are oily by dabbing it with a cotton ball, or even witch hazel.  Avoid applying moisturizer to hormonal areas of the skin if they tend to be oily as well. These areas include around your mouth, chin, and under the neck region.

5. Acne/Troubled Skin= one more headache

At some point in our lives we have all battled with acne. Some of us won, some of us lost, and some of us just keep fighting the battle. The first thing I tell people with troubled skin or acne is to wash their face using a soft washcloth. The goal here is to not wake the beast from sleeping by aggravating and irritating your acne, causing further inflammation and more chances for your acne to spread. The goal here is to minimize your acne, treat its source, and find ways to better your skin. Its best to wash your skin twice a day with an acne cleanser, preferably one that contains a higher % of salicylic acid. If possible, find a mild, foam cleanser or gel that contains 2% salicylic acid. wet your face and neck with warm water. Apply the foam/gel in a dime sized portion between your palms and apply to face and neck. It’s best to wait one minute if you can  before rinsing with cool water. Next, apply a dab of oil free moisturizer. Again, be careful not to over moisturize. Less really is more when you are dabbing and blotting your face with moisturizer. In the evening, try dabbing your skin with an oil free toner or witch hazel after washing but before moisturizing. Allow at least one minute in between these steps to maximize the benefits.