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How Young Hollywood Deals with Acne

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In the past, acne was a thing to be ashamed of and hide. Consequently, pimples were often “popped” and picked at with the results of 1. Produce deeper and more infected tissue and, 2. Leads to the scaring that will often stay with you forever. Thankfully, times have changed and young Hollywood today does not allow acne to define them or keep them from being public figures.


In increasing numbers, today’s teens (in Hollywood and beyond) acknowledge the problem of acne openly. This allows them to take whatever action they can in order to deal with it! In fact, Hollywood has actually helped a lot by so often incorporating the issue of acne into their series and films. Now when one of our current teen stars experiences a breakout in real life, it is often incorporated into the theme of the show.


So now, lets talk what many dermatologists that treat Hollywood actors do to treat acne and lessen the severity of outbreaks.


Rule #1– Dirt doesn’t cause acne, so DON’T over wash your face or body, or use harsh scrubs. Two gentle washings a day is sufficient. Anything more can leave healthy skin dry and irritated. This actually triggers glands to produce even more oil with the result being more acne.


Rule #2– Don’t use alcohol based products. People always think they clean more deeply, or “sanitize” and kill bacteria that is causing the blemish, but the truth is that alcohol merely strips the top layer of skin. Once again, this only causes excessive dryness and irritation.


Because blemishes are caused by dead skin cells that haven’t sloughed off, the most important part of treating and preventing acne is exfoliation. Exfoliation is typically thought of as being harsh and rough, like sandpaper, but that will actually only damage the skin. Keep your exfoliation practice consistent and gentle!


Finally, since the over all idea is to keep skin exfoliated in order to be properly treated, it makes no sense to load it up the next morning with animal fat-based and chemical-derivative cosmetics. It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of using natural, balanced cosmetics on the skin to lessen the chances and severity of acne!