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Research and development activities capitalize on the company’s expertise in numerous drug delivery technologies, including solid dosage from, oral-controlled and sustained releases semi-solid, liquid, oral Trans’ mucosal, transdermal, gel, injectable, and other drug delivery technologies and the application of these technologies to proprietary drug forms.

Generic pharmaceuticals are the chemical and therapeutic equivalents of brand-name drugs and are typically sold under their chemical names at prices substantially below those of the brand-name pharmaceuticals. Generics are required to meet similar governmental regulations as their brand-name equivalents and must receive regulatory approval prior to their sale in any given country.

Generic pharmaceuticals are benefiting from increasing awareness and acceptance on the part of consumers, physicians and pharmacists globally. Factors contributing to this increased awareness are the passage of legislation permitting or encouraging substitution and the publication by regulatory authorities of lists of equivalent pharmaceuticals, which provide physicians and pharmacists with generic alternatives.

SOHM believes that these factors, together with an aging population and a corresponding increase in healthcare costs, as well as the large number of branded products losing patent protection over the coming years, should lead to the continued global expansion of the generic pharmaceuticals market.